"The result so far is almost half a million dollars worth of buying power and volunteerism for food charities across the country."

Amtgard Food Fight is a game-wide call for action to generate awareness through education, to motivate volunteerism, and to encourage and solicit donations for food charities local to Amtgard chapters. Food Fight encourages support towards a common goal and demonstrates the greater impact we can have when we all work together towards that common goal.

To date, Amtgarders have raised and contributed over $225,000 and countless volunteer hours towards Amtgard's mission of education, donation and volunteerism. The result is over 2 million dollars worth of buying power and support for food charities across the country.

Initially organized in Amtgard's New Mexico kingdom, Dragonspine, it has quickly grown to encompass representatives and donations across all of Amtgard.

Basic Information

The Amtgard Food Fight is held in September because it falls in a bit of a dead zone for food banks. They have often spent the summer supplying free lunches to children usually supported through free/reduced school meals above their normal demands. This puts them in a recovery mode while also preparing for the winter holiday demands. By focusing our efforts in September it provides some initial relief and often helps food charities better prepare for the winter season. September is also Hunger Action Month.

Feedingamerica.org is home to a nationwide network of member food banks. We ask everyone to look their website over. They provide local information on different ways to maximize assistance. The website has plenty of information that will often encourage support. Every dollar raised for the program equates to approximately $13 in buying power through sponsorships and charitable discounts. This translates to every dollar donated being the equivalent of about 10 pounds of food for hungry men, women and children.

How Amtgard Food Fight Works

Each Amtgard Kingdom establishes a representative to act as a point of contact. In addition with working with the other Kingdom representatives and the Food Fight committee, they work with the individual lands within their Kingdom for coordinate events, collect data on donations and aid in advertising. As Amtgard Food Fight events are completed, representatives submit their results to the Food Fight committee so that final numbers can be collected and announced. This lets everyone see the true impact. All donations are for food banks and pantries local to the group that collected them. Current and past representatives are available here.

The Kingdom Competition

Many local competitions and Kingdom-wide competitions are often held to encourage support. There is also an Amtgard-wide Kingdom competition. To encourage friendly competition, a winning kingdom is announced upon conclusion of the year's events. That winning Kingdom receives a commemorative banner and is recognized at a dinner in their honor as part of the following year's kick-off announcement.